Frequently Asked Questions

We have gone ahead and put together a list of the most common questions that we are asked here at Knoxville Party Buses. That said, if your concerns are not answered on the page below, we encourage you to contact us with specifics about what you're looking to know. We have a staff of knowledgeable individuals standing by, ready to answer your calls and e-mails.

We can not give alcohol to our customers. We don't conduct business with that type of liquor license. If you'd like to stop and buy some beer or liquor, we will happily do that for you.

Our telephones are 24 hours a day. Our office hours are from 9 'til 6. Our party buses provide service every day of the year!

As we stated at the time of booking, we do not for cancellations for any reason at any time. When you schedule your vehicle with Knoxville Party Buses, you are disallowing us from selling it to other interested customers, and that is not fair to them or us. By scheduling your party bus, you're in charge of the full amount.

Additional time is simple. You have an hourly price that you previously agreed to, and extra time is at the exact same rate. It is billed in quarter-hour intervals. This policy makes it so that no one pays for overtime that is not used!

We don't allow smoking of any kind on our party buses. Since we started our business, we have experienced cigarette burns and even small fires due to individuals smoking in our party buses, and we prefer not to have to deal with the extra cleanup and danger that comes with smoking of any kind. Having said that, we cannot allow smoking in our vehicles.

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