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How to save money on a party bus with Knoxville Party Buses

The pricing for a party bus changes on a season-to-season basis. In general, the busiest time of year lasts from the start of May and ends around the start of September. In an effort to save money, we always make the suggestion of rearranging the party bus service to a time that is better suited for affordability. That said, it's easy to spend less cash when you know what exactly to look for. We will use this page to inform you how you can make a party bus affordable for any income level! So sit back, read further, and learn how to save money! A wonderful way to save some hard-earned money, as we previously said, is to avoid booking party bus service during our busy season. This allows for vehicles to be contracted at their base rate and, most especially, lends you the ability to have a beautiful time with your family and friends.

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Call us at 1-865-498-9328 so you can see if the party bus of your choice is available to rent on the day of your choice. Our reservation specialists are by the phone waiting on your phone call, so pick up the phone and dial today! If the function taking place has a strict schedule and you cannot book during our slow season, that's alright—you don't have to worry! The most affordable days for renting a party bus are Monday through Thursday. Those days are the "off-season" of the week, if you will. Sunday is the next cheapest day, followed closely by Friday. That leaves the busiest day of the week, which, if you were not following along, is Saturday. If time isn't a priority, you can always save money by renting your vehicle during the day.

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